Sarah Catham

A hunter who lives in Boston, a friend of Josiah Wald


Sarah is currently a student at MassBay Community College. She is 23 years old and studies computer science. A socially awkward girl, Sarah enjoys reading and writing science fiction – particularly subjects of a supernatural nature.

As a little girl she’d heard stories about vampires, werewolves, ghosts, and demons from her uncle, Rob Parker, after he’d had one drink too many. She had listened with wide-eyed fascination about what these creatures were like, and had always payed special attention to the tricks on how to kill them. Sarah had never encountered anything supernatural herself; the closest instance would have been her aunt and uncle’s grisly murder in 1989 at the hands of the Kindergarden Killer. She’d also lost her young cousin Abigail as well. She continues to pursue the killer to this day, convinced that one of the monsters her uncle described was responsible, but the trail has long since gone cold.

Sarah lost both of her parents in a car crash when she was nineteen years old. Her family was one of moderate means, but her father worked in insurance and she was well taken care of in the event of his untimely death. Sarah has been content to be a student at community college since the accident, living in a one bedroom apartment in Boston.

A close friend and contact of hers is Josiah Wald – they had met once when she was a little girl, and again at her parent’s funeral. Josiah had known Sarah’s parents – albiet for a brief time – and gave her his contact information, asking her to contact him if there was anything he could do. In her grief, she’d found it comforting to have someone to talk to, and the two exchanged e-mails often. She revealed her ‘hobbies’ to him, and Josiah had encouraged and supported her. He even revealed information about his own past, and stories about his father Albert Wald.

Most recently, Josiah has contacted Sarah and has asked her to give shelter to a dancing student of his, Crystal Merrick.

Sarah Catham

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