Josiah Wald

Crystal's dancing instructor and mentor


Josiah Wald’s family has hunted monsters for generations. Josiah’s father wanted his only son to carry on the tradition, so he taught him everything he knew. However, this was not what Josiah wanted. He had a mind for the performing arts – for music and dancing. Knowing his father would not approve of his goals of performing on stage, Josiah continued doing what he loved, but in secret. Josiah still benefited from the physical conditioning his father put him through and incorporated the fighting techniques taught to him in his dance routines.

In the small group he danced with, Josiah’s talent and unique styles put him above the rest. His friends, not knowing his family’s history, could not understand why he did not pursue dancing as a career. Even as a teenager, Josiah let many auditions and possible big breaks slip by, not wanting to abandon his family.

During his senior year, Josiah’s father became restless, being settled in the same house for ten years. Supernatural activity in the Midwest town was almost nonexistent, and he wanted to get back into the middle of things. So he decided to move the family out west. With tensions between Josiah and his father already high, Josiah decided he would take charge of his own future and took part in a massive talent search where scouts came from all over to see what the towns in the area had to offer. Several scouts were interested in his talents, and Josiah could finally see a way to follow his dreams.

The final falling out between Josiah and his parents happened on his graduation night. His father warned him that if he left, he would never be welcomed back. Following the warning, Josiah slammed the door behind him.

Over the next decade, Josiah performed in several prestigious productions and began making quite a name for himself. During all this time, he had no contact with his parents – his only surviving family members. That is, until hours before closing night of a performance he had been working for 6 months on. His doorbell rang, and when he answered, he found a man collapsed at his front door. It was his father.

“Help me.” Was all his father could gasp before he blacked out.

When Josiah’s father came back to consciousness, he woke up on the couch in Josiah’s living room, with his son staring at him.

“How long was I out?” Josiah didn’t expect his father to be about anything but business.

“Four hours.” He gestured around at the room, “I didn’t know if anything was following you, so I took the usual precautions.”

His father, still woozy, inspected the symbols on the walls, and various substances guarding the doors and windows. “This stuff kosher?”

“I know what’s out there. I keep some stuff around just in case.” Josiah braced himself for the incoming criticisms.

“Looks good. Should keep him away from here for now.”

Shocked, Josiah didn’t say anything. His father continued by describing the demon he tracked down that turned out to be more difficult than expected to take out. He had been hunting on his own for six years now, since his wife died. Hunting this demon brought him to his knees and finally found the humility to come back to his son and ask for his help.

Josiah still had not said anything since his father finished speaking. He simply stood up and walked to the closet. Pushing the coats out of the way, he opened a back panel, revealing an arsenal of blades, axes, a crossbow, and a few guns – all pristinely maintained. “What do you prefer to use?”

For the next two decades, Josiah fought alongside his father again, still dancing on stage on occasion, but mostly sticking to the more flexible hours of one on one tutoring. His father passed away at the impressive age of 87, but Josiah continued fighting what most people never see.

The latest lead on some disappearances took Josiah to Southern California to investigate the past of the Merrick family. There, he took up the job of teaching their only daughter, Crystal, the art of ballet. During this time he also became a sort of mentor to her, giving her advice on the troubles she faces in life. When he realized her family’s secret put her in danger, he took steps to keep her safety and sent her to some contacts he has in Baltimore.

Josiah Wald

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