Crystal Merrick

Crystal, or Chrissy, as some people call her, is an 18 year old, rather spoiled heiress. Her good looks, charm, and money have been all she's needed to get what she wants.


Some families seem to have all the luck. In his late twenties, Jonathan Merrick inherited his father’s corporation. When his father began, he ran a simple printing shop in a small town in Southern California. Over the next decade, the small shop expanded into a place where powerful men would make legal contracts, both public and private, and the paperwork would be stored in secure compartments where no ‘accidents’ could happen. Thus, Merrick Industries was born.

If knowledge is power, Jonathan became the most powerful man on the west coast when his father, and founder of Merrick Industries, died unexpectedly of a heart attack. At the funeral, Jonathan stared at the closed casket of his father and contemplated the empire of secrets that is now his to run.

During the days of mourning his father, Jonathan met a beautiful woman named Cecilia, and married her three years later. A few years later, their one and only child, Crystal, was born to them.

As Crystal grew older, she began resenting the family business as sometimes weeks would go by without her seeing her parents. However, she did not resent the family money. All the clothes and accessories she ever wanted she had. She never wanted for attention as her peers constantly sought to be in her graces. But, for all the opportunity she had before her, Chrissy dreaded the day she inherited the company and her destiny was no longer hers.

Chrissy learned that in life her good looks, a few well chosen words, and a lot of money could get anything accomplished for her. She soon became bored with that, and sought out challenges for herself. The accelerated classes she took in school challenged her mentally, but dancing became her passion. Ballet dancing in particular – a sport of beauty, discipline, and precision where her money could only buy her the outfits and strict instructors, not talent.

This was Chrissy’s life until her eighteenth birthday. Birthdays were the rare occasions that she could count on to spend the day with her parents. This made her all the more upset when one of the message runners interrupted lunch to fetch her parents for an urgent meeting. Cecilia tried to talk Jonathan into putting it off for tomorrow, but Jonathan insisted that the meeting had to go forward, and Chrissy will never forget the look of fear on her mother’s face. Jonathan’s face was unreadable, much like how he was during sensitive negotiations.

Chrissy’s birthday was over half way through the day, and she was not okay with that. As soon as her parents stood to leave, Chrissy bolted out of the room, screaming why did they have a child if she was only ever an inconvenience?! She ran to her room and denied anyone who came to her.

The next day, Chrissy continued with her life like she had learned to. She went to her dance lesson early in the morning. When she arrived, her instructor, Josiah Wald, for the past five years met her at the door and hurried her inside. He stopped her inside the rehearsal room. From inside his pocket he took a plane ticket and told her that she was not safe. There was a secret about her family that would kill her. He’s spent the last seven years investigating some strange occurrences that lead him to her family. After trying to learn all he could, he realized that she was in danger, and the plane ticket is all he could do. He sent her far away, to Boston, where he said he has friends that will find her and keep her safe.

Crystal Merrick

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